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About Fanack Academy



featured-about-pageEstablished in April 2016, Fanack Academy offers a platform for open-access, unbiased information sharing and co-creation, enabling the cultivation of diverse and informed discourse in relation to the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). We aim achieve this through the connection and collaboration of individuals, organisations and institutions as well the creation of high quality resources. To achieve these aspirations, Fanack Academy has developed Projects, Papers and Learning Tools.


Projects enables the coordination and development of academic level research projects, allowing collaboration to occur from the community, our partners and other institutions. This enable projects to gain exposure to a community deeply invested in the region. This is not only limited to newly created ventures, as pre-existing projects can be put forward to gain further exposure, whilst also nurturing future collaboration from interested parties within our community.


Papers is based around academic papers submitted from our community. It acts as not only a repository for these papers, but also as a tool for authors to connect with experts on Middle Eastern topics for both peer-review and general feedback.


Learning Tools is the place within Fanack Academy where educational material can be found. Our research team, in coordination with partners and experts, develop eye-catching and easy to understand infographics, quizzes, and videos on a wide range of issues to aid educators and students in gaining greater understanding on the region.


We at Fanack Academy also believe that engaging with the public in innovative and exciting ways can enable a new level of interaction regarding topics of interest in the MENA region.  Events such as the Life, Death and Art in Syria art exhibition at Nieuwspoort, epitomise our ambition to expand the discourse on the MENA region.