Chronicle of the Middle East and North Africa

About the Water Project


Fanack Water provides accessible, well-researched information on the state of water resources in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region through peer-reviewed country files and special reports, as well as interviews and opinion pieces on latest developments in the water sector of each MENA country.

Country Files make the complex issue of water resources in the MENA region accessible to a wide readership. These files are enriched with visualised data on surface and groundwater, water quality, and water use, as well as the analysis of efforts to improve water management and governance systems. So far, the country files for Jordan, Israel, Lebanon, Palestine, Turkey, Iran, and Iraq were published, and the country files for UAE, Sudan, and Egypt are in preparation.

Special Reports focus on specific political issues, projects and technologies regarding the water resources in the MENA region. Similar to the country files, the special reports also include visualised data on the topic of the report. The reports that have been published so far are on the Red Sea – Dead Sea Project and Gaza’s water crisis, whereas special files for Turkey, Iraq, and Iran are in preparation.

Interviews and Opinions address the water issues in the MENA region through interviews with experts and short opinion pieces on the latest developments.

Contributions to Fanack Water are kindly invited.