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Museums in Algeria

Cherchell Museum
Cherchell Museum

One of Algeria’s most famous museums is the Musée National de Préhistoire et d’Ethnographie du Bardo in Algiers. Located in a house built by a French-Tunisian businessman in the 19th century, it contains an important palaeolithic and neolithic collection, as well as what are said to be the remains of the ancient Berber queen Tin Hinan, whom the Tuareg regard as their ancestor. The war museum attached to the Martyrs’ Monument in Algiers exhibits the history of the war of independence. The capital is also home to the Modern Arts Museum, as well as museums of antiquities, fine arts, and traditional culture. Many provincial towns have their own museums, dedicated to natural history, local culture, and the war of independence. The civil-war museum in Oran is named for local war hero Ahmed Zabana, the first independence fighter to be executed by the French, in 1956. Remote towns, such as Djanet in the far south-east, have geological or archaeological museums specializing in local excavations and finds. The Archaeological Museum of Cherchell is famous for its Greek and Roman collections. This region, which also includes the Roman excavations at Tipaza, has many other remains from ancient times, as well as some from the Byzantine era.

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