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COVID-19 Puts Algeria on a More Precarious Path

Tebboune was hospitalised in Germany on 28 October 2020 for “in-depth medical examinations”, according to official sources, after contracting COVID-19, and after an outbreak among his aides.

Governance & Politics

Two decades on, the system and its leadership seem incapable of resolving these fundamental issues. Opposition parties are allowed to compete in elections, but they are unable to gain significant power on account of the way the system functions and the fact that the military and security establishment still decides important issues.

Following Election of New President, What Next for Algeria?

To a certain extent, Tebboune’s election makes sense because of his former position but also because as prime minister he was dismissed for criticizing the president’s clan, which enabled him to distance himself from the old regime during his election campaign. However, this may not be enough if protesters continue to reject his leadership.

Police Take Action Against Algeria’s Continuing Protests

Previously tolerated, the protests are increasingly closely monitored, with authorities deploying a bigger police presence in the streets and being particularly vigilant around assemblies held outside of Friday.

As Algeria Forges New Political Future, the Amazigh Will Play a Central Role

The crackdown has occurred despite the Amazigh achieving greater recognition in recent years, including in the constitution. A 2016 amendment declared Tamazight, the Berber language, Algeria’s second official language after Arabic, and recognized ‘Amazighness’ as a part of the national identity. In 2018, the Amazigh new year was designated as a public holiday.

Algerian army chief Ahmed Gaid Salah dies

Gaid Salah abandoned Bouteflika after he found out that the latter’s political career was over and that remaining loyal to him would lead to his own departure. Since then, Gaid Salah has been considered the regime’s most powerful figure and, as the army’s chief of staff, responsible for setting the course of his country’s future.

Who Rules Algeria 57 Years after Independence?

It can be said that Bouteflika came to and stayed in power with the support of the military. Over the next two decades, he was able to reduce the military’s influence and increase the power held by the presidency. Perhaps ironically, the large-scale rejection of his candidacy for a fifth term has once again given the military control of power in Algeria.