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Public Outcry in Algeria after ENTV Airs Graphic Footage of the Civil War

On 30 September 2017, a small protest was unsurprisingly dispersed by the police. Another protest against ENTV in front of the state’s Regulatory Authority for Audi-ovisuals (ARAV) on 7 October 2017 was likewise dispersed by security forces and plain-clothed police officers. Although the civil war is officially over, its legacy and the impact of the charter is still the subject of an ongoing and highly emotional public debate. Although incidents like the recent ENTV scandal continue to spark controversy, the government continues to highlight its achievements in settling the conflict.

Algeria’s Military and the FLN: An Endless and Violent Tug of War

After purging the military, Bouteflika’s clan is believed to have gained extensive control over the deep state, although it remains unclear who spearheaded the campaign, the president himself or Gaïd Salah, who has extended his power base in recent years. Although the regime’s internal power struggle seems to have calmed down for now, the tug of war over Bouteflika’s succession is ongoing.

New Algerian Constitution Enacted But Reforms Not Celebrated

Algerian president Abdelaziz Bouteflika promised multilevel reforms in order to calm angry youth protesting high prices for basic commodities. He promised to undertake deep constitutional reforms meant to restore a more free and inclusive society and a democratic state. In a country where politics are complex to begin with, this promise proved to be tough and tedious to keep, but Algerians did see the formal fulfilment of the promise.