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Economic Diversification Policy Sees Big Investments in UAE’s Tourism Industry

According to Business Monitor International, a research firm, diversity is the key to such a development, with incentives to build mid-range hotels and improve the safety reputation of the Emirates, high standards of accommodation and attractive cultural heritage, adaptation to middle-class travellers from Asia and Africa and short-stay visitors. However, investment in the sector was $7.1 billion and it is expected to reach $20.3 billion in the next 19 years (11.2 per cent).

Foreign Investment in Saudi Arabia Falters Amid Ongoing Political Turmoil

Foreign investment was trending up again in the second quarter of 2017, but it remains to be seen how investors will react to political developments. The political turmoil, which has seen the arrests of dozens of princes, ministers and businessmen in what has been presented as an anti-corruption sweep led by the crown prince, prompted an increase in oil prices but also may have unsettled potential investors

In Egypt, Major Gas Discoveries a Welcome Boost for Ailing Economy

The gas discoveries, notably Zohr, are changing the country’s economic prospects. Egypt started to limit its orders for LNG shipments in 2017 and those planned for 2018. By early 2019, it hopes to break even, and in the years after it plans to become a net gas exporter again. However, The gas discoveries may solve Egypt’s immediate cash crisis, but it will take more to build a resilient economy.