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Islamists and Arab Spring: A Mutual Failure Story!

“Arab Spring” was an opportunity for Islamists that they could not miss to establish a “theocratic rule”. To know more about the issue, read this blog of Ghassan Okla.

Festivals: The New Egyptian Songs

The Musicians Association and its President, singer Hani Shaker, intervened and banned festival singers from participating in concerts, after the wide spread of the song “The neighbour’s daughter,” by festival singer Hassan Shakoush, which hit an astronomical 470 million views on YouTube.

Nothing Changes: Carrot and Stick Swap Roles

Arab regimes always use a carrot-and-stick policy while dealing with intellectuals. To know more about the issue, read this blog written by Hakim Marzouki.

Egyptian Sovereign Fund: State Assets without Sufficient Oversight

The Egyptian sovereign fund quickly acquired a large number of Egyptian state assets, including 126 holding and subsidiary companies that are affiliated with the Ministry of the Public Business Sector.

Theaters of Citizenship. Aesthetics and Politics of Avant-Garde Performance in Egypt

Theaters of Citizenship traces the formation of repertoires of citizenship across national and transnational, aesthetic and political modes. Since theater had long been a meeting point for critical intellectuals, it was a natural venue for developing these repertoires in relative freedom from state repression.

Poetry and singing as tools of change in Egypt

Poetry and Singing plays a vital role in the emergence of a current Arab renaissance. For a century, they have been important in advancing change in Egypt.

The Corona Pandemic in Egypt

At a time when the world’s governments praised their medical teams for their sacrifices in the face of the pandemic, Egypt entered into consequent battle with doctors and the medical industry, in response to their accusation that the government was negligent in facing the pandemic.