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Egyptian Sovereign Fund: State Assets without Sufficient Oversight

The Egyptian sovereign fund quickly acquired a large number of Egyptian state assets, including 126 holding and subsidiary companies that are affiliated with the Ministry of the Public Business Sector.

Theaters of Citizenship. Aesthetics and Politics of Avant-Garde Performance in Egypt

Theaters of Citizenship traces the formation of repertoires of citizenship across national and transnational, aesthetic and political modes. Since theater had long been a meeting point for critical intellectuals, it was a natural venue for developing these repertoires in relative freedom from state repression.

The Corona Pandemic in Egypt

At a time when the world’s governments praised their medical teams for their sacrifices in the face of the pandemic, Egypt entered into consequent battle with doctors and the medical industry, in response to their accusation that the government was negligent in facing the pandemic.

Mohamed Salah: Too Big a Star for Egypt?

Salah shies away from politics and seems to want to avoid problems with the state. He donated 5 million Egyptian pounds ($285,000) to the public Tahya Masr (‘long live Egypt’) fund that is used for large ‘national’ government projects such as the Suez Canal extension and the new administrative capital. Even so, he has found himself an unwilling political pawn, either being used for political gain or smeared by pro-regime media.

The Paradox at the Heart of Cairo’s City Centre Revival

In short, the government and private parties such as Al Ismaelia for Real Estate Investment envision a city centre with higher end residents and businesses, regulated and controlled entertainment, and a vibrant but nevertheless strictly censored arts and culture scene. Meanwhile, the bulk of resources for urban development are being directed elsewhere, such as the new capital.

In Egypt, Shabayek Fights ‘Distorted Belief’ of Gender inequality with Theatre

Still, Shabayek sees some – albeit small – changes brought about by the revolution. Women are more willing to speak out and share their stories; the audience is more open to accepting them. “The revolution has left us feeling empowered when it comes to self-expression. There is a change in people at least, even if the system is the same or maybe worse.”