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Loujain al-Hathloul, The Brave Face of Resistance in Saudi Arabia

Loujain al-Hathloul is a brave young woman who believes in change and rights to all. Which is perceived by the authorities of Saudi Arabia as an act of terrorism.

An Analysis of UNSC Resolution 1325

Despite the the value of the resolution for bringing the women’s rights issue to the fore, including and especially in connection with decision-making for war and peace, I have a problem with Resolution 1325.

The Pandemic in the MENA Region, a Hardship But Also an Opportunity for Women

The outbreak of the pandemic has revealed the internal fractures of society, but also put women on the front lines while they lost in autonomy, safety and economical independence.

In Iran, Violence Against Women Becomes a Public Matter

Although flawed and incomplete, the draft bill aiming at better protecting women against domestic and other forms of violence shows the new commitment of the Iranian government to act on social demands.

Children and Arabs’ Crumbling Culture

Arab culture faces a tremendous challenge in the electronic culture era. To know more about this challenge read the following blog written by Ghassan Okla.

C190 and MENA: A Long Journey with a Bold Start

On June 21, 2019, the International Labor Organisation (ILO) adopted the groundbreaking treaty, C190, in its Violence and Harassment Convention. It is the first of its kind to set the international legal standards for preventing and responding to violence and harassment at work.

Sexual Harassment and Attempts to Reimpose Male Dominance

Sexual harassment remains one of the biggest challenges facing Arab societies and laws. Laws are insufficient to confront such a social dilemma.

Social Cruelty… Between Customs and Laws!

Social custom is the main reason for the current social cruelty and it is also the reason of law’s inability to deal with terrible crimes in Arab societies.

In Lebanon, COVID-19 and LGBTQ: Struggle Magnified

Besides the risk of homelessness, or the risk of domestic violence, many LGBTIQ+ individuals with a low socio-economic status were struggling to secure their basic needs.

Saudi Women’s Rights Activist Eman al-Nafjan Arrested Ahead of Driving Ban Being Lifted

At a time when the increasingly powerful Saudi crown prince is promoting his openness to economic and some social reforms, al-Nafjan and other activists are fighting for women’s rights that go beyond the lifting of the driving ban. Yet their arrest is a clear sign that further improvements in women’s rights are a long way off.