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The UAE Has a New Mouthpiece: Its Ambassador to Israel

Public opinion in the Arab world mostly objects to formalizing relations with Israel until a just solution to the Palestinian conflict is found. But Abu Dhabi and Tel Aviv are trying to mitigate criticism through their respective ambassadors.

Algeria: The Revival of Hirak in the Absence of Government Long-term Strategies

Elections were held in December 2019 but the victory of Abdelmadjid Tebboune was regarded as a continuation of the old guard, failing to attract support from the masses.

Violence Erupts in Darfur After Peacekeepers Exit

After years of perpetrating horrific abuses under Bashir, Sudan’s security forces are now hungry for legitimacy. Demonstrating that they can bring security to Darfur is an important step in achieving that quest.

Mission Impossible: Libya’s New Government Aims to Please Everyone

Experts believe that the new Government of National Unity will be dogged by the same challenges as the previous Government of National Accord, which was formed out of U.N peace talks in December 2015.

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Knowledge Quiz

What is your level of knowledge on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? Take Fanack’s challenging knowledge quiz test to find out and have fun!

Risk of Tensions as Cost of Living Surges in Syria

The scorched earth tactics of the regime and fiscal decision-making have contributed to the economic and social despair facing Syrians and have led to tensions that could only strain possibilities for some stability in Syria.

The Long Road Ahead of Palestinian Elections

But of all the dangers confronting Palestinian elections, Israel is the one player that holds most of the cards to disrupt, influence, or otherwise render invalid the upcoming elections.

In Jordan, Both Citizens and Refugees are Included in the Covid-19 Vaccine Plan

Jordan, along with Turkey and Lebanon, have hosted more than its fair share of refugees, the Syrians accounted for more than 10% of Jordan’s population, placing immense pressure on the country’s over-stretched resources.