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Muslim scholar: Human rights policy needs to focus on religious scholars, not just activists

The Western world don’t go out of its way to protect Muslim democrats. James Dorsey discusses in this article the case of Sheikh Salman al Oudeh.

ICC Ruling on Palestine Tests the International Order

Israel has already declared it would not cooperate with the ICC Prosecutor. However, an ICC investigation could prove embarrassing to countries allied with Israel who are founding members of the Court.

Loujain al-Hathloul, The Brave Face of Resistance in Saudi Arabia

Loujain al-Hathloul is a brave young woman who believes in change and rights to all. Which is perceived by the authorities of Saudi Arabia as an act of terrorism.

In Jordan, Both Citizens and Refugees are Included in the Covid-19 Vaccine Plan

Jordan, along with Turkey and Lebanon, have hosted more than its fair share of refugees, the Syrians accounted for more than 10% of Jordan’s population, placing immense pressure on the country’s over-stretched resources.

Child Labor: Between Individual Needs and Operating Networks

Syrian and Yemeni children are exposed to the worst forms of child labor. In this blog, Nour Abbas explains the role of operating networks in this issue.

Islamists and Arab Spring: A Mutual Failure Story!

“Arab Spring” was an opportunity for Islamists that they could not miss to establish a “theocratic rule”. To know more about the issue, read this blog of Ghassan Okla.

Sartre’s Existentialism as a Humanistic Ideology Excludes Palestinians

Jean Paul Sartre denied, with his existentialism, Palestinians right to exist and justified that of Israel.

C190 and MENA: A Long Journey with a Bold Start

On June 21, 2019, the International Labor Organisation (ILO) adopted the groundbreaking treaty, C190, in its Violence and Harassment Convention. It is the first of its kind to set the international legal standards for preventing and responding to violence and harassment at work.

In Iran, Violence Against Women Becomes a Public Matter

Although flawed and incomplete, the draft bill aiming at better protecting women against domestic and other forms of violence shows the new commitment of the Iranian government to act on social demands.