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Child Labor: Between Individual Needs and Operating Networks

Syrian and Yemeni children are exposed to the worst forms of child labor. In this blog, Nour Abbas explains the role of operating networks in this issue.

In Iran, Violence Against Women Becomes a Public Matter

Although flawed and incomplete, the draft bill aiming at better protecting women against domestic and other forms of violence shows the new commitment of the Iranian government to act on social demands.

Saudia Arabia is still not condemned over rights abuses by the international community

Saudi Arabia has removed some of the aspects of the male guardianship system, including allowing women to drive and travel without restriction, and women are being encouraged to obtain higher education and join the workforce.

Female Human Rights Defenders Targeted in Libya

Of course, Libyan human rights defenders are being targeted irrespective of gender. But the dangers are compounded for female activists since they have so few, if any, allies willing to protect them. Even powerful tribes may be reluctant to wage a dispute over an outspoken women that breaks gender norms.

Social Cruelty… Between Customs and Laws!

Social custom is the main reason for the current social cruelty and it is also the reason of law’s inability to deal with terrible crimes in Arab societies.

Press Freedom and Internet Censorship

According to Reporters without Borders, Iran has the worst record of Press Freedom in the Middle East. In Iran, there are so-called ‘red lines’ of criticism, ever-changing boundaries imposed by the authorities that dictate what Iranians can and cannot say or write. Many websites are blocked in Iran, and many online journalists and bloggers have been jailed.