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In Lebanon, Security Takes Precedence Over Human Rights

A United Nations report stated that ‘torture in Lebanon is a pervasive practice that is routinely used by the armed forces and law enforcement agencies’. In October 2016, the parliament even adopted a new law establishing a National Human Rights Institute that will include a committee to investigate the use of torture. However, the recent deaths of the four Syrian detainees in army custody have raised fresh concerns about the army’s tactics and public criticism of it.

In Bahrain, Human Rights Situation Deteriorating

“The human rights situation is the worst it has been in the country’s modern history,” Khalid Ibrahim, director of the Gulf Center for Human Rights, told Fanack. “There is no one to speak up, no space for civil society. Most of the prominent human rights defenders are in jail, sometimes tortured, have fled the country or are banned from leaving it if they work with the international community.”

Saudi Women still not granted Full Rights

The new freedoms covered in the decree are activites that most of the rest of the world regard as basic human rights: Go to the hospital, get a job, study, appear in court and file a police complaint without male permission. Despite those advances, Saudi women and girls still live with pervasive discrimination. They cannot study or travel abroad without approval from a husband, father, son or another male relative.

Syria: The Continuous Downfall of Human Rights

Following the uprising in March 2011, and the violent government crackdown to crush it, the human rights situation in Syria has worsened exponentially. Throughout 2016, Human Rights Watch documented a large number of deliberate attacks on schools, medical facilities and markets, including a major airstrike by the Russian-Syrian alliance that hit al-Quds hospital on 27 April 2016, killing all civilians, patients and medical staff inside.