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Separating the wheat from the chaff Saudi moderation put to the test

The Saudi reforms are framed by rewriting rather than reckoning with history. In this blog, James Dorsey explains the weaknesses in the Saudi approach.

Biden and the Iran nuclear deal: what to expect from the negotiations

Biden wants the nuclear deal to be a key part of his administration’s vision in the Middle East – but this might be tougher than he anticipates.

Yemen: A Northern Offensive Makes Diplomacy More Urgent

While the new Administration has shown more support for the Houthi movement compared to Donald Trump, there is still some skepticism as to how much a US-brokered ceasefire or peace the Houthis will welcome.

Violence Erupts in Darfur After Peacekeepers Exit

After years of perpetrating horrific abuses under Bashir, Sudan’s security forces are now hungry for legitimacy. Demonstrating that they can bring security to Darfur is an important step in achieving that quest.

‘Welcoming’ European welfare states are forcing refugees through mazes of harmful rules

Many refugees experience welfare state interventions as hindering or delaying their ability to settle in new places.

Gulf blockade: Qatar hugs and makes up with its warring neighbours – but will it last?

The reconciliation eased tensions. However, will it be a durable reconciliation? Mustafa Menshawy analyses the situation in this article.

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Knowledge Quiz

What is your level of knowledge on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? Take Fanack’s challenging knowledge quiz test to find out and have fun!

ICC Ruling on Palestine Tests the International Order

Israel has already declared it would not cooperate with the ICC Prosecutor. However, an ICC investigation could prove embarrassing to countries allied with Israel who are founding members of the Court.

Corona and Crisis Countries: What is the Fate of People?!

If we do not deal with the trending selfishness, we will all be doomed. The situation worsens with the lack of imposing adequate health instructions.