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Trump in the Middle East

More aggressive to US enemies, arguably more erratic with US allies and with the financial benefit to the US at the centre of his foreign policy, Trump’s involvement in the Middle East has not been a stabilizing factor in one of the most turbulent periods of the region’s recent history. With at least two years left in the White House, it is too early to say what his lasting legacy in the Middle East will be, but the signs do not point to a positive one.

The Global Compact for Migration and Migration Reform in Morocco

Non-refoulement is the central principle of international refugee law, which stipulates that nobody can be returned to their country of origin or any country where they have a well-founded fear of torture or persecution. As a compromise, the GCM does not explicitly include the words ‘non-refoulement’ but it does stipulate in Objective 21 ‘the prohibition of collective expulsion and of returning migrants when there is a real and foreseeable risk of death and torture’.

Khashoggi Case Puts Saudi Actions in Yemen Front and Center

If more countries were halting their weapons deals with Saudi Arabia and the Emirates, the Saudi-led coalition might be obliged to stop their war on Yemen – if nothing else, to save face as well as maintain their political and commercial partnerships worldwide. But some countries, like the US, UK and France, apparently need more than a humanitarian crisis and clear violations of international laws to react.

Iran Accused of Assassinations in Europe: What Happened and Why?

But what is certain is that the Rouhani administration is caught between two main scenarios: the first involving external (Israel and MEK) plans to frame Iran and the second, which has internal rogue elements working against Rouhani’s foreign policy. Both scenarios need to be backed up by more evidence and should be re-evaluated with every new piece of available information.

Divide and Conquer: Netanyahu Woos Eastern Europe in Bid to Rattle EU

In recent years, Israeli government officials, and members of government proxy groups, have visited European countries to convince parliamentarians that funding the Palestinian Authority means subsidizing terrorists, or to pressure them to adopt a definition of anti-Semitism that includes being critical of Israeli politics or supporting the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement.

Trump’s UNRWA Funding Cut Aims to Erase Palestinian Right of Return

All the evidence points to the UNRWA crisis being mainly political, not financial. It therefore requires a political decision by the UN either to maintain UNRWA’s current mandate to provide humanitarian assistance to Palestinian refugees around the world, or to revoke its commitment to the agency and transfer the responsibility for Palestinian refugees to the UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency.