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Has Islamic State Finally Been Defeated?

In October 2014, Islamic State (IS) territory in Syria and Iraq was at its maximum. The extremist offshoot of al-Qaeda controlled an area extending from central Syria to the outskirts of the Iraqi capital Baghdad, including major cities such as Mosul, Fallujah, Tikrit and Raqqa. The group looked to be on course to establish a […]

Population of Iraq

Like so many post-colonial countries, Iraq is an artificial political entity. The population is varied in its composition, especially in the north, where, from time immemorial, the vast mountainous region has provided a relatively safe haven for ethnic and religious minorities.

Massoud Barzani — Destined to Lead Kurdistan

Massoud Barzani’s term as president of the Kurdistan Region in Iraq, since 2005, ended in August 2015. For the second time. Massoud Barzani was destined to lead Kurdistan, coming as he did from the influential Barzani clan, which rose to power in the early 19th century.


Unemployment remains a problem throughout the country despite a bloated public sector. Overregulation has made it difficult for Iraqi citizens and foreign investors to start new businesses. Corruption and lack of economic reforms – such as restructuring banks and developing the private sector – have inhibited the growth of the private sector.

War, Mismanagement and Climate Change: Iraq’s Environment Pushed to the Brink

Despite these setbacks, there is growing awareness among civil society organisations of the need to address Iraq’s environmental issues. Groups like Nature Iraq and Waterkeepers Iraq as well as Save the Tigris and Save the Euphrates campaigns are working tirelessly and often under pressure to raise environmental issues both on a national and international level.