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Population of Iraq

Like so many post-colonial countries, Iraq is an artificial political entity. The population is varied in its composition, especially in the north, where, from time immemorial, the vast mountainous region has provided a relatively safe haven for ethnic and religious minorities.

Massoud Barzani — Destined to Lead Kurdistan

Massoud Barzani’s term as president of the Kurdistan Region in Iraq, since 2005, ended in August 2015. For the second time. Massoud Barzani was destined to lead Kurdistan, coming as he did from the influential Barzani clan, which rose to power in the early 19th century.


Unemployment remains a problem throughout the country despite a bloated public sector. Overregulation has made it difficult for Iraqi citizens and foreign investors to start new businesses. Corruption and lack of economic reforms – such as restructuring banks and developing the private sector – have inhibited the growth of the private sector.

Protesters in Iraq Denounce Dire Living Conditions, Demand End of Sectarian System

As demonstrators voice their frustration with the Iraqi political system, they are also targeting Tehran, which has increasingly tightened its grip on the country and exerts an almost unfettered influence.

In Iraq, Old Grievances Spark New Wave of Violent Protests

The country is no stranger to demonstrations, but this time the mass action appears to be more widespread and less coordinated, making it harder to contain. The cause of the unrest is, however, a long and familiar list of grievances.