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Massoud Barzani — Destined to Lead Kurdistan

Massoud Barzani’s term as president of the Kurdistan Region in Iraq, since 2005, ended in August 2015. For the second time. Massoud Barzani was destined to lead Kurdistan, coming as he did from the influential Barzani clan, which rose to power in the early 19th century.

Kurds targeted in Turkish attack include thousands of female fighters who battled Islamic State

In a region surrounded by threats – from Turkey’s attacks and Islamic State terrorism and patriarchy at home – the women of Kurdistan are fighting for their life and liberty. And the cost is hard, dangerous labor.

Kurds Unable to Unite Against Turkey’s Aggression

If the Kurds really want to stand up to the forces that are trying to bring them to their knees, whether it is the Syrian regime, the Turkish state or any other entity, they will have to unite. But as long as their commercial and ideological aspirations for the future of a Kurdish homeland are not aligned, they do not stand a chance.

My Enemy’s Enemy: Syria’s Regime and Kurdish Forces Unite to Fight Turkey

In a matter of days, the US’ role and position in the war in Syria has been thrown into disarray, a relatively stable area of the country has turned into a battlefield, IS, which was all but eliminated, may be rallying, and Moscow and Damascus seem to be in a stronger position than they have for years. In the eight-year war in Syria, a new chapter has just begun.

The difficult relationship between the Kemalist CHP and the Kurdish HDP

The difficult relationship with Kurds and the HDP is embedded in this context. As long as the CHP does not resolve this dilemma and does not replace its ideological-authoritarian canon of values with a liberal understanding of the state, nation and protection of minorities, a substantial contribution to the democratization of the country and to the solution of the Kurdish conflict cannot be expected. As a result, selective cooperation with the HDP can be expected with regard to the HDP as well. The elites of the party are still faced with the ongoing challenge of overcoming the historically developed ideological fundament of the CHP and putting it on a genuine social democratic agenda, as it partly understands itself.

Family Business: Nechirvan Barzani Takes Over Presidency of Kurdistan Region of Iraq from Uncle

In practice, there is no transfer of power, just a reassignment of positions among the Barzanis. With Nechirvan as president and Masrour as prime minister, the Barzani family remains firmly in charge of the KDP and the regional government.

Why Erdogan Won’t Let Istanbul Slip Away

Such rhetoric indicates that will use his control of Turkey’s courts, media outlets, election monitoring bodies and other institutions to target opposition members, campaign staff and even Imamoglu himself as “criminal.”

Turkey’s Ruling AKP Manipulates Election Outcomes in Kurdish South-east, Leaves Municipalities Broke

The big question in the Kurdish-majority municipalities in the south-east of Turkey was whether the candidates for the leftist Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP), which won the most votes in the local elections on 13 March 2019, would be acknowledged as the winners.

In Turkey, PKK Weakened but Vows to Step Up Attacks in Spring

The UAVs do pose a problem for the PKK, however, since they can strike as soon as they detect a camp or group of fighters. Before the use of UAVs, fighters could go into hiding because it would take some time before an F16 could make it to the mountains from the airbase in Diyarbakir.