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Erdogan positions powerful Turkish military as backbone of regional strategy

Turkey is likely to diversify between the soft and hard power to achieve its regional aspirations. The role of the Turkish army is therefore vital for Ankara.

Security Sector Reform in Sudan: Opportunities and Challenges

Creating a military tasked with protecting citizens requires a new social contract that ensures security forces answer to civilian bodies and are respected but not feared.

Turkey Flexes its Muscle in the Mediterranean

Fanack presents an overview of the impact of the conflict between Turkey and Greece to control gas discoveries in the Mediterranean.

Has Islamic State Finally Been Defeated?

In October 2014, Islamic State (IS) territory in Syria and Iraq was at its maximum. The extremist offshoot of al-Qaeda controlled an area extending from central Syria to the outskirts of the Iraqi capital Baghdad, including major cities such as Mosul, Fallujah, Tikrit and Raqqa. The group looked to be on course to establish a […]

Turkey and Libya’s Maritime Deal: Partnership or Poisoned Chalice?

If Turkey is forced to drastically up its military commitment to Libya to combat Egypt’s support (beyond the recently agreed bill to deploy troops to Libya), then Ankara may come to regret its rush to secure its maritime rights.

Who Is Esmail Ghaani, Iran’s New Quds Force Commander?

s he had done in the IRGC, Ghaani soon made a name for himself in the Quds Force. Although always overshadowed by the much more charismatic Soleimani, Ghaani was quickly noticed by both friends and foes.

A Finger in Every Pie: The US Military in the Middle East

The US operates at least 30 military bases in the Middle East, ranging from small outposts in Syria and military encampments shared with host nations to airbases under full US control. Some are large and visible while others remain highly secretive, likely managed by a combination of CIA or US special forces personnel. These range from a navy-run medical research lab in Egypt and naval and airbases in Qatar (the biggest in the region) and the United Arab Emirates to remote outposts in the contested desert zones of Syria.

Turkey and Libya: Bilateral Deal Ushers in New Dawn of Military Brotherhood

The signing of the deal between the two official governments of Turkey and Libya has had some immediate (albeit relatively muted) consequences. Coastguard forces loyal to Haftart stopped and searched a Caribbean-flagged vessel that was carrying an illicit cargo of small arms and briefly detained some Turkish crew. Both countries have announced investigations into the shipment, but with independent infor-mation in short supply the fog of war has settled on Libya, offering impunity to both local and foreign ac-tors. With another power like Turkey in the mix, Libya looks no closer to peace in the post-Qaddafi era.

In Egypt, Military Companies ‘Detrimental’ for Economy

When general-turned-president al-Sisi seized power from the Muslim Brotherhood, who briefly ruled from 2012-2013, the military returned to the top of the food chain. “What we see recently is that the army conglomerate is growing,” the researcher said. And it is doing so more openly than before.

More Evidence Emerges of Chemical Weapons in Syria’s Eight-Year War

Collecting evidence to support this claim has not been an easy task. Two main challenges are the ongoing upheaval of war on the one hand and widespread propaganda on the other.