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Berber Marginalization in North Africa Fuels Identity Movements

The Berbers strategize and react to their marginalization in different ways, according to the realities of their local and national environment. In general, however, they seek a re-examination of what constitutes their countries’ collective identities and how the historical and socio-political roles of Berbers in the construction of North Africa can be highlighted. They also demand social justice and the improvement of their social status, especially in rural areas, which are characterized by high rates of poverty.

Hicham Alaoui – Morocco’s Controversial Prince in Exile

As a young man, the prince earned the nickname ‘the Red Prince’ for his progressive political views. More recently, he has become an outspoken advocate for greater democracy in Morocco and the wider MENA region, which has put him at odds with his family. He was banned from the presence of the king for advocating a constitutional monarchy, like that in Britain and Spain. In 2002, he exiled himself to the United States with his famil