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In Morocco, Arrest of Rapper for Critical Song Sparks Freedom of Expression Debate

The arrest caused a stir in the North African country as it occurred two days after Gnawi released the song ‘Aacha el-Chaab’ (‘long live the people’) with artists Weld l’Griya and LZ3ER. The song, which has been viewed more than 13 million times on YouTube, criticizes the police and the king and denounces the social conditions affecting Moroccan youth.

Morocco’s Windy Future

Morocco’s green strategy endeavours to increase threefold the income of nearly 3 million people living in rural areas. However, green investment is not without its challenges and requires more than money to realize its lofty targets.

What is Behind Morocco’s Tourism Boom?

The country’s deserts, beaches, mountains and distinct cultural heritage are naturally attractive to holidaymakers and adventurers, bringing in welcome revenue. But according to those in the industry, inflows should be carefully managed in order to guard against the negative effects of tourism, some of which have already impacted neighbourhoods around popular cities like Marrakech.

France No Longer the First Choice for Moroccans Seeking Opportunities Abroad

It looks like Moroccan brain drain is becoming a reality as the labour market becomes increasingly internationalized, coupled with limited professional opportunities at home. If the country is unable to retain its skilled youth, its already struggling economy will face a bleak future.

In Morocco, Cannabis remains a Sensitive Topic

The drug is still illegal today in Morocco, but partially tolerated by local authorities, notably in the Rif area where tribes were given production privileges in the 19th century.