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Oman’s Media Landscape

With the introduction of satellite television technology in the late 1980s, Omanis became exposed to a greater choice of media outlets and satellite channels soon became significantly more popular than the state-owned Omani broadcasts. Oman’s media environment became even more diverse in 1997, when the government allowed the sale of foreign newspapers and magazines that had previously been considered critical of Oman or the sultan.

Human Rights Record in Oman: Further Restrictions, Persecution After Arab Spring

The authorities remained cautious about restrictions on and persecution of human-rights activists and used such measures only in emergency cases until massive popular protests broke out in February 2011 as part of the so-called Arab Spring. Omani authorities intensified their security measures and arrests in light of the escalating events and the tense relationship between the people and the government, as well as for reasons relating to public disorder, sabotage of public property, and libelling the sultan.