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Palestine’s COVID Nightmare Scenario Has Arrived

The cost of the pandemic has been tremendous, ranging from 7 to 35% of GDP, depending on estimates while the World Bank estimates that the Palestinian GDP to contract by at least 8%.

Palestinians Reverting to Familiar Policy Patterns is Formula for Failure

For now, the Palestinian leadership’s inability to adjust and reformulate its approach to relations with the US only offers deep dismay and frustration for Palestinians.

How Secular Israeli Millennials Feel About Palestinians

Jewish secular millennials have contradictory feelings towards Palestinians. This comes as a consequence of Israeli politicians’ insistence on the Jewishness of Israel and not having a partner in peace process.

Why Palestinians Are Not Accepting Their Tax Revenues?

For the Palestinian leadership, taking tax revenues from Israel while the latter vows to maintain this miserable status quo is acquiescence to permanent subjugation. It is simply not worth the limited and short-lived relief it would offer until the next crisis emerges.