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Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Knowledge Quiz

What is your level of knowledge on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? Take Fanack’s challenging knowledge quiz test to find out and have fun!

ICC Ruling on Palestine Tests the International Order

Israel has already declared it would not cooperate with the ICC Prosecutor. However, an ICC investigation could prove embarrassing to countries allied with Israel who are founding members of the Court.

The Palestinian – Israeli Negotiations: A difficult experience

Throughout history, holding fruitful negotiations needs certain circumstances or conditions. In this blog, Majed Kayali sheds the light on difficulties of the Palestinian – Israeli negotiations.

Should Palestinians Bet on Biden’s Administration?

The Palestinian leadership is the weakest party in this tough game, as some Arab countries currently seeks normalizing relations with Israel.

Sartre’s Existentialism as a Humanistic Ideology Excludes Palestinians

Jean Paul Sartre denied, with his existentialism, Palestinians right to exist and justified that of Israel.

In Search for the Palestinian Liberation Organization

Palestinian Liberation Organization’s inactivity requires a clear political and organizational plan.

Palestinians and the Search for a Fair Solution amid Dire Circumstances

One-state solution might be the best option for both Palestinians and Israelis.

UAE and Israeli Settlers Find Common Ground in Jerusalem

The interests of the Emirates in Jerusalem intersect with the interests of the Israeli settlers there. These interests collide with those of the Palestinians and Jordanians.

Normalization and the Dividing Line between the Humanitarian and Political Factors

Neither relationships between humans, nor humanitarian ties lead to normalization. Rather, normalization is based on accepting the Israeli narrative and establishing ties with Israel.

The Holocaust and the Nakba: Intersecting Traumas

In this multilayered work, Elias Khoury continues his thought-provoking and inspiring literary contribution on the entanglement of the Jewish and the Palestinian catastrophes.