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Still No ‘Partner for Peace’ Between Israel and Palestine

The blame game is likely to continue as long as there is no prospect for a solution. In his UN speech, Abbas had a thinly veiled warning for the Israelis: failure to reach a two-state solution would inevitably lead to what some have called the one-state solution : a bi-national state on the territory of historic Palestine that includes both Gaza and the West Bank – anathema to the vast majority of Israelis.

American Jews Suspend Support for Israel Over Conversion, Western Wall \ al-Buraq Dispute

The Western Wall\al-Buraq is the holiest place that Jews can pray. “When Jews say ‘next year in Jerusalem’, they have the Kotel in mind. Indeed, some worship it because it was a part of the Second Temple, while others, like me, tend to regard it as an important magnet for Jewish identity,” explained Uri Dromi, director of the Jerusalem Press Club.

Arab-Palestinian-Israeli Conflict

Despite many rounds of negotiations between Palestinians and Israelis under the auspices of several parties, including the United States, the two sides have failed to reach a resolution of the conflict. Meanwhile, Israel, tolerated by the international community, continues to expand its settlements on the West Bank and in East Jerusalem while denying Palestinians their inalienable rights, such as the right of return and the rights to national independence, sovereignty, and self-determination.