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Gulf blockade: Qatar hugs and makes up with its warring neighbours – but will it last?

The reconciliation eased tensions. However, will it be a durable reconciliation? Mustafa Menshawy analyses the situation in this article.

An End to the Blockade on Qatar, Not the Crisis

Analysts, however, note that reconciliation has far from resolving the crisis. In the immediate term, the move was to allay concerns from the Saudis’ powerful allies while the meat of the agreement is to come later.

Saudi Arabia Looks to End the Gulf Crisis, but can it?

The core issue of the Gulf crisis remains the same as it has always been. Qatar refuses to operate as a satellite state of Saudi Arabia.

The Qatar World Cup: Dreaming of Bridging the Gulf Rift

The World Cup would hardly help Saudi Arabia and the UAE save face, given that the rift was designed to force Qatar to subjugate itself to the dictates of the two states. Nor would it solve or contain what UAE Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed sees as an existential threat: Qatar’s support for political Islam, its alliance with Turkey, and the existence of Al Jazeera as a free-wheeling television network.

Music and Dance in Qatar

Qatar’s culture is based on Bedouin poetry, song and dance. Yet, because of the few archives available on the importance of its culture in the Peninsula, its original development and raison d’être have not been documented properly.

Governance & Politics

Fanack provides an overview of Qatar’s governance, including The Oil Monarchy of Qatar, The Royal Family, Judiciary, Governorates, Political Representation, Democratization, Bureaucracy and The Military.