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Christians in Gaza — The Alarm Has Sounded

The relationship between Muslims and Christians in Palestine is different from that in other Arab countries, according to some Christians. The Israeli occupation and all aspects of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, irrespective of religious background, have added to Palestinian solidarity and unity. There is no question about the patriotism of Palestinian Christians, their pride in their Palestinian identity, and their contribution to the resistance to the Israeli occupation by sacrificing their lives or risking arrest.

Christians in the Middle East

In recent times, although the total number of Christians in the area continues to grow, there has been a decline in their percentage compared to the Muslim majority. Analysts attribute this to three main causes: low birth rate, emigration, and ethnic and religious persecution.

The Oppressed Coptic Christian Community

Up to the January 2011 uprising, sectarian attacks became increasingly common and the police were often accused of siding against Christians. Christians were often forcefully displaced from whole towns after clashes, and particular nasty conflicts saw the burning of Christian homes and shops, with the police often turning a blind eye. The overthrow of Mubarak, however, quickly changed the status quo.