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Kurdish Storytelling Tradition Takes First Steps on Long Road to UNESCO Recognition

As one of the oldest cultural expressions in Mesopotamia, dengbej should be added to the UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage. This is according to opera singer Pervin Chakar, who has started a petition to gather support for and raise awareness about the importance of dengbej, an ancient Kurdish storytelling tradition.

History of Egyptian Radio and Television Series

The drama industry in Egypt is significant, consisting of millions of workers, technicians, actors, writers and directors. Nearly 40 series were produced in 2018 alone. However, the increasing government control of the Egyptian media in recent years has negatively impacted both the volume and quality of the dramas produced.

Egypt’s Museums Chart Rich History of Art and Culture

The Egyptian Museum is considered one of the largest and most important museums in the world and the most important museum in the country, both for its cultural value and its many priceless collections.

In Lebanon, Mothers Have Limited Custody Rights after Divorce

As in many countries, women in Lebanon are discriminated against, facilitated by the existence of 15 religion-based personal status laws. One of these laws determines children’s custody in case of a divorce and prevents mothers from raising their children.

Yemen’s Architectural Gems Under Threat as War Rages On

Throughout its long history, Yemen has hosted waves of Jewish, Christian and Islamic immigrants and interacted with Persians, Ethiopians and the civilizations of Eastern Mediterranean, all of whom left their mark on the country’s skyline.

No Easy Ride: Women in Sudan’s New Government already Targeted

Yet despite this apparent advance in gender equality, the appointment triggered a debate in Sudan about the role and quality of women’s representation in the government of Abdalla Hamdok, a veteran economist who was sworn in as prime minister of the country’s transitional cabinet on 6 September.

How Syrians Have Enriched Lebanon’s Artistic and Cultural Life

Some argue that the level of academic experience, techniques and skills that the Syrian artists brought with them was much higher than what had previously existed in Lebanon. For example, the Syrians introduced the concept of the ‘dramaturge’ – a literary editor who liaises with playwrights and researches, edits and interprets scripts.

Empty Words? Tunisian Writers Face Hard Times Amid Economic Slump

Clearly, there is no shortage of compelling stories to inspire Tunisian writers. Whether they can inspire Tunisian readers to open their wallets is less certain.

Museums a Powerful Weapon in Political Battle for Turkey’s Past and Future

With museums largely subsidised or free for Turkish citizens, the importance of connecting Turks with the country’s past is obviously valued. Yet as museums increasingly become a political and ideological battle-ground, history is proving to be a powerful weapon indeed.

Netflix’s first Arabic series stirs controversy in Jordan

Since its release, the series has come under fire from critics who have denounced what they perceived as the show’s blatant inadequacy with Jordan’s traditions and values. Grand Mufti of Jordan Mohammed Khalaileh described it as a “moral breakdown that does not represent the habits and morals of Jordanians”, adding it was contrary to “Islamic precepts”.