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Egypt Furious over Saudi Minister’s Meddling in Football League

Whether or not al-Sheikh continues to meddle in Egyptian football, his involvement to date has certainly not gone as smoothly as he no doubt hoped.

Sports: Another Field of Conflict Between Saudi Arabia and Qatar

Qatar has been investing heavily in the field of sports for more than ten years now because it is a way to raise its profile and global visibility, build a sustainable market, exercise soft power, create a national social cohesion and tackle diabetes through exercise. However, Saudi Arabia has been lobbying intensively all over the world to discourage the attention on Qatar for the World Cup through a campaign of misinformation. It has also notably focused global attention on the way migrants are treated during the construction of the 2022 facilities, despite Saudi Arabia being at the same level regarding migrant workers’ rights.

Why Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia will not launch a joint 2030 World Cup Bid

Designing a joint bid involving all three states is challenging, which makes a successful joint Maghreb 2030 bid quite unlikely. But football diplomacy still has the potential to ease tensions in the region and might positively affect political and economic integration in the Maghreb in the near future.

The End of the Ultras Era in Egypt

A few months after the Zamalek tragedy in 2015, the Ultras’ groups were banned by law by an Egyptian court. There was even a court case to brand them a ‘terrorist organisation’, but that was overturned. Nevertheless Ultras became target of a harsh crackdown, with dozens of its members being arrested from their homes in recent years.

Sport Rivalries in the Gulf: A Clash of Politics and Egos

Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the UAE are committed to isolating the tiny emirate in every way imaginable. But Dorsey believes that efforts to undermine Qatar’s sports industry could backfire. Assuming the World Cup does go ahead in Qatar in 2022, millions of football fans from the Arab world could be prohibited by their own governments from attending. If that happens, then Qataris will have the last laugh.

Qatar’s Massive Strides in Women’s Sports

In 2000, Sheikha Moza bint Nasser al-Missnad established Qatar Women’s Sport Committee (QWSC). The QWSC’s objective is to improve women’s performance in sports, enhance their participation in various sporting events, sessions and conferences at home and abroad, and improve their administrative and technical capacities.

From Fencing Champion to Gender-Equality Activist: Kuwait’s Balsam Al-Ayoub

Balsam spent five years participating in an average of ten to twelve fencing competitions annually across Europe, Asia, and the MENA region. In 2015, twenty years after her introduction to fencing, Balsam established the Sports and Society Committee in Kuwait’s Sport Club, where she trains today. Her success as a champion athlete impacted the debate about women’s abilities to become leaders and to overcome their so-called emotional tendencies by learning discipline and focus and by tackling tasks tenaciously, despite the many obstacles that lay in the way.