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Construction of Blue Nile Dam Deepens Dispute Between Egypt, Sudan, and Ethiopia

Egypt’s greatest fear is that Ethiopia will fill the reservoir in five years or less, which according to Egyptian estimates would deprive Egypt of its water resources, dry out a portion of its agricultural land and reduce the reservoir and power-generating capacity of its Aswan High Dam further downstream. Some Egyptian reports also warned that the collapse of the dam would pose a threat to Sudan be-cause the dam is only 40km from the Sudanese border and less than 100km from Sudan’s Roseires Dam.

Sudan Isolation Ends: US Sanctions Lifted, Relations with Saudi Arabia Normalized

With the lifting of American sanctions, Sudan will, for the first time since the 1990s, be able to trade with the US, allowing it to buy much-needed equipment and spare parts and to attract investment to its collapsing economy. In return, Sudan has agreed to improve access for aid groups, stop supporting rebels in neighbouring South Sudan, cease the bombing of insurgent territory and cooperate with American intelligence agents.