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Risk of Tensions as Cost of Living Surges in Syria

The scorched earth tactics of the regime and fiscal decision-making have contributed to the economic and social despair facing Syrians and have led to tensions that could only strain possibilities for some stability in Syria.

Arab Drama and Commitment to Regimes’ “Causes”

Adopting Arab regimes’ visions is one of the factors behind Arab drama’ regression. Ghassan Okla write about the mysteries of Arab drama’s “commitment”.

Child Labor: Between Individual Needs and Operating Networks

Syrian and Yemeni children are exposed to the worst forms of child labor. In this blog, Nour Abbas explains the role of operating networks in this issue.

Syria, masculinity and how the Assad regime’s priorities have changed during pandemic

Syrians suffer an identity crisis as a consequence of the deeply rooted masculinity in the Syrian culture. Nevertheless, Corona pandemic led the Syrian regime play a new card in this game.

In Turkey, Life for Syrian Refugees and Kurds is Becoming Increasingly Violent

Increase of violence in Turkey against Kurds and Syrian refugees is a result of the nationalist policies, othering, polarisation and impunity.