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Tunisian Comic Blog Wins Fans Abroad

The blog won the Best Electronic Publication award at the CairoComix festival two years in a row: for Tawahoch in 2016 and Bombyx Mori in 2017. It was also a finalist for the Mahmoud Kahil Award in Lebanon.

Tunisia Ten Years After the Jasmine Revolution

Ten years later, only Tunisia has managed to transition to democracy. The other nations from the ‘Arab Spring’ either failed to dislodge authoritarian regimes or spiralled into civil war.

Shepherd’s Festival: A Tunisian Celebration of Poetry & Nature Guardians

Shepherd’s Festival helps Tunisia in its fight against terrorism. To know more about this festival, read the following article written by Hakim Marzouki.

Tunisia’s Fragile Government Charged with Saving Economy

The new political system has only succeeded in masking political cronyism and maintaining regional inequalities. And unless the new government addresses the economic grievances of the interior, nostalgia for authoritarianism will continue to grow. Wealthier citizens also frequently claim that Tunisians aren’t ready for democracy, or at least not a parliamentary one.

Rachid Ghannouchi, the Islamist Who Believes in Inclusion and Compromise

Rachid Ghannouchi is founder of the Tunisian Islamist movement Ennahda and one of the most prominent modernizing Islamist thinkers in Tunisia and the Arab world.