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Among the oldest civilizations of the world, Egypt has always been culturally rich and has the heritage to demonstrate it. Preserving Egypt’s past is a Herculean task. All Pharaonic, Hellenistic, Christian, and Islamic monuments are the responsibility of the Supreme Council of Antiquities of the Ministry of Culture. Protecting the tombs, ruins, and monuments is difficult in any circumstance but is made especially hard by the social and demographic pressures prevailing in Egypt. Apart from natural threats (erosion and rising water levels), the public at large also shows a lack of concern for its own heritage, despite the pride most Egyptians have from their past. Most people are simply preoccupied with daily survival.

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Fanack presents an overview of Egypt’s most famous and significant archeological sites and monuments.
The Egyptian Museum is considered one of the largest and most important museums in the world and the most important museum in the country, both for its cultural value and its many priceless collections.
Folkloric dance in Egypt is divided regionally into the dance from the Delta, the Upper Delta, the coastal area, Sinai (Bedouin), and the Nubian area
Egypt is the birthplace of modern Arabic literature and boasts numerous publishing houses, some of them more than a hundred years old
The Egyptian film industry is often called the Hollywood of the Arab world. Egyptian cinema was born when Mohammed Bayoumi shot the first Egyptian movie
The export of Egyptian soap operas across the Arab-speaking region has spread contemporary Egyptian culture and language throughout the region
Egyptian cooking is relatively simple but tasty. Many dishes are similar to the food found throughout the eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East
Football is by far the leading sport in Egypt. The two clubs from Cairo, al-Ahly and al-Zamalek, traditionally compete for the national championship

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