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Egypt’s population is to a large extent homogenous: Arab and Muslim, with a substantial minority of Coptic Christians. On the other hand, the population is spread very unevenly across the country, with high concentrations living in the Nile basin, especially in the Nile delta. The majority of the Egyptian population, including many city dwellers, follow traditional relationship patterns.

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There are still enormous differences in human development between rich and poor, urban and rural regions, and men and women
In October 2016 Egypt held its first ‘national youth conference’, which was organised to show that the regime takes youth issues seriously, but failed to address critics with appropriate answers, turning to denial or blame-shi...
Egypt's cities are well connected by a network of roads, but due to poor maintenance and heavy traffic, many roads are in poor condition
Since the 1960s, the Egyptian government has guaranteed free public education for all
Free health care is a constitutional right of all Egyptians. In fact, all communities do have some sort of health service
The official unemployment rate has remained the same, around 10 percent over the past few years, but has worsened in absolute numbers
The north of Egypt, where the major cities are located and most economic activity takes place, is generally more prosperous than the south
Egypt is recognized as a middle-income country, although poverty is a serious, widespread problem
Rural areas still lag significantly behind urban areas. Upper Egypt (the south) does not perform as well as Lower Egypt (the northern regions)
The gender gap is slowly narrowing in Egypt. Particularly in education Egyptian women are making great strides

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