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Statue of Saddam Hussein torn down after the Coalition Forces' invasion of Baghdad in 2003, Photo HH

Statue of Saddam Hussein torn down after the Coalition Forces’ invasion of Baghdad in 2003, Photo HHOver the past forty years Iraq has been the scene of dictatorial rule, large-scale internal political violence, and warfare. Iraqi society has been turned upside down, where continuity and slow change had previously predominated, as they had elsewhere in the region.

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Thus, before the 1958 revolution in Iraq, much of the land in the south of Iraq was in the hands of Sunni Arab landowners, while it was worked by Shiite Arab tenant farmers. Around Mosul Arab farmers worked the land of Turkmen lan...
After the end of Saddam Hussein’s reign in 2003, and the fall of the Baath party, the Iraqi media environment was rapidly opened up under American occupation. By 2004, over 200 newspapers had begun publishing, in addition to aro...
In the 20th century the growing urban middle class became increasingly affluent, as Iraq's oil wealth grew dramatically. From the early decades until the end of the 1980s, Iraq's entertainment industry boomed. This occurred not on...

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