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The Story of Naftali Bennett

In the 2013 elections, Bennett’s strategy succeeded. Bayit Yehudi increased its representation in the Knesset to twelve seats, up from four seats previously (or seven seats, if we include three from another religious party, some of whose elements Bennett took in). Heading into the 2015 campaign, Bayit Yehudi looked set to increase its representation still further.

Ksenia Svetlova, a Russian-born immigrant to Israel, studied Middle Eastern History at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and went on to become a respected Arab affairs correspondent for a number of international media. She opposes religious coercion and endorses progressive denominations of Judaism. She does not subscribe to the non-egalitarian nature of Jewish orthodoxy in Israel, and believes that people should be able to choose a pluralistic form of religion.
From the start, Miri Regev's controversial remarks have sharply divided public opinion. Regev claims she is the protector of social justice and cultural equality. However, it is becoming increasingly clear that her methods are eroding her public support.
Yaalon (1950) was born into a working-class family affiliated with the Labour Party, and grew up on a left-leaning settlement. The combination of a distinguished military career, promises of tackling the real issues in Israeli society, support of officers who speak their mind and Netanyahu’s waning popularity will prove to be a successful formula for Yaalon’s attempt to win the next election.
So far Rabinyan has played her cards right, becoming an accomplished writer, an inspiration to struggling authors and an ambassador for Israeli literature on the international stage. She is a bridge between Hebrew and Persian cultures, a bridge that politicians have yet to cross.
Critics of Vanunu’s treatment claim that he is being held indefinitely so that Israel can avoid political embarrassment and financial complications with the United States (US). If Israel admits to having weapons of mass destruction, it would not be eligible for a $2 billion aid package from the US.