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Jewish kippahs for sale
Jewish kippahs for sale

In view of the fact that the Jewish population living in Israel originates from all over the world, Israel’s culture is multifaceted and diverse. In addition, the state stimulates a national Jewish culture.

The large Russian Jewish community, which grew rapidly after the collapse of the Soviet Union, more or less form a subculture, as does the Ethiopian Jewish minority living in Israel. In many aspects, Jews and Palestinians live segregated lives with little social or cultural interaction.

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During the early years of Israel's foundation, folk activities, such as dancing and singing together, represented a very important aspect of young settlers' lives.
The first Hebrew theatre was established in Moscow in 1917 under the name Habima (The Stage).
Towards the end of the 19th century the Hebrew language that had been abandoned for many centuries, was brought back to life. With the Zionist desire to establish a new Jewish state, a new language was necessary.
Today, the most popular music that can be heard on the radio is Israeli pop music, which can be European-style or Eastern, and international pop music. There are a great number of singer-songwriters.
Sports in Israel
On 26 October 2016, the UNESCO adopted a contentious resolution on the conservation of Jerusalem’s religious heritage which denies Judaism’s deep ties to one of the city’s holiest sites. However, It seems abundantly clear th...
Since East Jerusalem is a military occupied territory, Israel has an obligation under international law to not make changes to the land, except that which is in the benefit of the occupied people, who under law are a ‘protected ...

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