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Music and Dance

Jordanian dabka dance / Photo Wikipedia
Jordanian dabka dance / Photo Wikipedia
Jordanian music is not as popular as that of other Arab countries, such as Egypt and Lebanon. Perhaps the most popular form of music in Jordan is patriotic songs that celebrate country and king and are strongly influenced by Bedouin culture.

There is also a type of Bedouin music that relies mostly on one instrument, the rebab or al-rababa (a stringed instrument) and sometimes the mijwiz (reed pipe). Songs of this type usually tackle issues such as raids, battles, and generosity, and they often have a melancholy sound.

Jordan’s famous traditional dance is the dabke or dabka, a group dance that involves stamping one’s feet. This dance is performed by men and women, and it employs a variety of steps that differ from region to region. Another form of dance famous among the Bedouin is the sahja or sahaja, which involves groups of men as large as twenty.

Most gyms have recently started offering belly-dance lessons, which are popular among Jordanian women, and dance schools offer Latino dance lessons – e.g., in salsa – as well as ballroom dance. Many DJs and rappers have appeared in Jordan in recent years.

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