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Crime in Lebanon

The crime rate in Lebanon is moderate. Early 2010, Lebanon’s Internal Security Forces released a statement saying crime had decreased in the previous year. However, the statement also said that theft incidents and robberies had increased in 2009 compared to 2008. In 2006 (last UN International Homocide Data survey) there were 6.5 homicides per 100,000 inhabitants. Both car theft and home break-ins occur, and car thefts seem to be on the rise, as is purse snatching. Another endemic problem is the cannabis cultivation in the Beqaa Valley. Violent crime and sexual assaults are rare though. In 2007, there were 34,595 arrested persons and prisoners in the prisons of Lebanon of whom 88.6 percent were males.

Political murders and acts of politically motivated violence occur rather frequently. Most prominent political families – or families of newspaper owners – have suffered at least one murder victim. More often than not, these murders remain unsolved.

Cannabis production in the Beqaa Valley
Cannabis production in the Beqaa Valley

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