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Moroccan Human Development Index

In 2010, Morocco’s Human Development Index (calculated by the UN Development Programme) was 0.567, below the average of 0.588 for Arab states. Over the past thirty years, it has risen by an average of 1.59 percent annually from 0.351 in 1980. Even so, Morocco’s HDI is lower than might be expected, ranking 130 out of 187, below Vietnam (128) but above Iraq (132).

Morocco scores poorly on some poverty indicators—such as the Human Poverty Index (0.139) and the adult literacy rate (56.4)—but much better than some countries on other indicators (2.8 percent of the population without electricity, compared with 7.1 percent for Syria). There has been an improvement in many factors over the past thirty years: life expectancy, for instance, increased from 57.7 years in 1980 to 72.2 in 2011.

Morocco’s score is low in international terms (0.693) on the gender-related development index (GDI), ranking it at 104, immediately below Syria and immediately above Zimbabwe. It is marginally below the average GDI for the Arab states in 2010 (0.699).

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