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Aquarium and Marine Science & Fisheries Centre is an aquacultural museum that has recently been renovated. The aquarium is located between the Al Bustan Palace Hotel and the Capital Yacht in Muscat.

Bayt al-Baranda contains the history of Muscat in thirteen different halls equipped with state-of-the-art interactive displays and is located in the heart of the tourist district on the seafront in Mutrah, Muscat.

Bayt al-Naaman is a beautiful small castle, restored and furnished in original Omani style by the Ministry of Heritage and Culture. The castle is located in al-Batina.

Bayt al-Zubayr has a vast collection of ancient household equipment, costumes and weapons. The museum is located next to the Ministry of Information in Muscat.

Children’s Museum is a science museum where children of all ages can enjoy scientific experiments through hands on experience. The museum is located near Qurum Nature Park in a white-domed building in Muscat.

Land of Frankincense hosts a vast number of ancient artefacts, from the excavated columns of buildings built two thousand years ago to pieces of stone tooling used by fishermen two thousands years before that. This national museum of Oman’s ancient and modern history is located in Salalah.

Muscat Gate Museum is also about Oman’s history from Neolithic times to the present. There is a special exhibit on Muscat’s water springs, ancient wells, underground channels, souks, houses, mosques, harbours and forts. The museam is located at the Mutrah Corniche in Muscat.

Nakhal Fort Museum, operated by the Ministry of Tourism on the Batina coast, contains a display of historic guns.

The National Museum contains silver ornaments, copper crafts and samples of Omani ships, and the letter sent by the Prophet Muhammad to the rulers of Oman in the eighth year of the Hijra. Operated by the Ministry of Heritage and Culture, the museuam is located above the Islamic Library in Muscat.

Natural History Museum offers a tour of Oman’s flora and fauna. The museum displays indigenous mammals, birds and botanical gardens. It is located at the Ministry of Heritage and Culture complex in Muscat.

The Oil and Gas Exhibition Centre & Planetarium was donated to the people of Oman by the oil and gas company Petroleum Development Oman in 1995. The planetarium is useful and interesting for both children and adults and teaches them about astronomy and modern science in an engaging way. The Exhibition Centre is located at the end of the Seih Al Maleh Street, in Muscat.

Omani-French Museum was the French consul’s residence, known as Bayt Faransa. It is dedicated to Omani-French relationships over the years and it contains historical documents, and samples of Omani – French ships in addition to Omani and French costumes & jewellery. Operated by the Ministry of Heritage and Culture, the museum is located on Lane 9310, Qasr Al Alam Street, in Old Muscat.

Museum of Omani Heritage contains detailed information about archaeology and artefacts. The Museum is located on Al Alam Street, on the hill behind the Ministry of Information in Muscat.

Salalah Museum displays a rich collection of inscriptions on large stone slabs and rocks. Most of these inscriptions were found in Khor Rori where excavations unearthed the port city of Sumharam. The museum is located in Salalah, in the south of Oman.

Sayyid Faisal bin Ali Museum displays Oman’s fortified architecture and traditional weaponry. The museum is located in the Ministry of Heritage and Culture complex, al Khuwair, Muscat.

Sohar Fort shows the importance of the ancient city of Sohar, its history of navigation and overseas trade with Canton in China. The fort is located in Sohar, 1.5 hour drive from Muscat.

The Sultan’s Armed Forces Museum. On Oman’s military history, located in the 150 year old Bayt al-Falaj fort, the original garrison headquarters for Sultan Said bin Sultan’s Armed Forces.

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