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Culture of Saudi Arabia


The cultural environment in Saudi Arabia is highly conservative, and cultural presentations must accordingly conform to narrow standards. Islam is the main factor affecting Saudi Arabia’s cultural practices. Despite increasing openness, Saudi artists still face restrictions on their freedom of expression.

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There are art schools in many Saudi schools and universities. Many Saudi artists display their art work in government-funded galleries or privately owned ones, but opportunities for professional development or a career are limited...
Saudi folk music has been shaped by the nomadic Bedouins and the pilgrims who brought musical influences from around the world. Dance is also popular among Saudis. The national dance is the men's sword dance known as the arda.
Public and private theatres or cinemas are banned in Saudi Arabia for religious reasons. Many conservatives have made headlines recently trying to stop various plays from being performed, including those at universities.
An overview of Saudi Arabia's public holidays.
In early 2000, Saudi Arabia invited expeditions to carry out archaeological exploration, and the archaeological site was proclaimed a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008.
Saudi cities offer a wide choice of food in traditional and upscale restaurants. Fast-food restaurants of various local and international brands are also popular.
Traditional sports include horse and camel racing, falconry, and hunting with hounds. Among modern sports, football (soccer) is especially popular. The highlight of the Saudi football league is its championship tournament known as...

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