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History of Sudan from Past to Present

Sudan History from Past to Present - Sudan Democracy Independence
Sudan’s independence, the flag was raised on 1 January 1956 by PM Ismail Alazhari and opposition leader Mohamed Ahmed Almahjoub. Photo Sudan Films Unit / Flickr.

Sudan is a relatively new country. Previously called Anglo-Egyptian Sudan, it gained independence from the United Kingdom and Egypt on 1 January 1956. Yet young as it is, it has a rich history. It is considered a treasure trove for archaeologists, due to the large number of prehistoric artefacts.

Sudan’s post-independence history has been tumultuous, characterised by multiple coups and economic woes. These were exacerbated by international tensions – and later sanctions – following the government’s decision to allow terrorist leader Osama bin Laden to reside in Khartoum in the 1990s.

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