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Gazan Rap Music Addresses Blockade and Palestinian Political Divide

Despite the social, political and economic challenges facing Gazan rappers, they are determined to continue to produce their own music and give voice to the angry and marginalized youth, so that they can find a just solution to their problems.

As the US leaves the UN Human Rights Council, it may leave more damage in its wake

The HRC will continue to be an imperfect institution for as long as the UN is made up of states with imperfect human rights records. However, the council still can and must be improved. But the worst way to achieve that goal is by just walking away.

Qatar’s Future Increasingly Uncertain as Diplomatic Row Continues

Qatari Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani also brushed aside the effects, saying, “The negative impacts of the blockade were temporary and our economy has managed to contain most of them very quickly, while adapting and developing itself in the course of the crisis management.”