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Deportation to Syria could mean death for women, children and LGBTQ refugees in Turkey

Returning Syrian refugees to this battleground would make them the “buffer” between these warring forces, turning more vulnerable people into collateral damage of a greater geopolitical war.

The decline of Erdoğanist authoritarianism: a new chance for “democratization” in Turkey?

On the flip side of the picture, ironically, the making of Erdoğanist authoritarianism has generated ample opportunities for a radical liberalization of the Turkish political system. Scrapping institutional discipline, liquidating the bureaucratic guardians, disposing of the ‘traditional’ cadre structure and confusing the ideological compass that defined the ‘old’ imperious state apparatus, without effectively replacing them with ‘new’ ones, presents a historic moment for a comprehensive and thorough transformation.

Rapping for Rebellion: Turkey’s Hip-hop Artists Fight Back with Words

Yet while President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his Justice and Development Party (AKP) have made an indelible mark on the country, in many areas of political and cultural life, ordinary Turks have made clear their resistance to Erdogan’s leadership. Perhaps the most unusual of these is rap music.

Buffer Zone on Syrian Border: Why the Turkish Obsession?

Erdogan is under growing pressure at home to find a solution to tensions, perceived and real, between Syrian refugees and the Turkish communities hosting them. The slowing Turkish economy, in particular, has provoked rising anti-Syrian sentiment, with hard-up Turks quick to blame Syrians for their troubles. The buffer zone has long presented a publicly palatable way to push Syrians back into Syria, regardless of their connection to the region or even their willingness to go back. In recent months, Turkey has been forcibly deporting Syrians across the border, despite claiming the contrary, in a move that is no doubt designed to ease public criticism of the government’s management of the country’s Syrian population.

A Long and Winding road: Turkey and her Music

Music in Turkey has long been a key barometer of the greatest influences on the country, its political climate, and even its demographic change. With such a proud history of musical development and leadership, in both popular and more underground style and genres, music in Turkey looks set to continue as a key pillar—and guide—of Turkish culture.

Turkey’s Shifting Policy Towards Syrian Refugees

This widespread hostility prompted Erdogan to undertake a drastic policy shift. Some measures aim to decrease the visibility of Syrian refugees, including removing Arabic shop signs across the country in an effort to appease public acrimony over their presence.

In Turkey, Attack on Democracy Continues with Removal of Kurdish Mayors

The kurdish mayors were not given the opportunity to contest their dismissal in court, which would likely have been fruitless anyway since the courts have lost their independence during almost two decades of AKP rule.

A deal too far: Turkey and the US fall apart over Russian missiles

Whatever the motivation behind the S-400 purchase, Turkey has made its pursuit of a new path very clear: away from past Western allies and into an unknown territory, unburdened by past alliances. What is certain is that US officials misjudged Turkey’s moves throughout this affair as a mere bluff when it appears the country was, from its early days, genuinely committed to the purchase. The result is perhaps the final nail in the coffin of good US-Turkey relations.

Turkey between NATO and Russia: The Failed Balance

US sanctions will not only affect Tur­key’s economy negatively but also provide a scape­goat (United States and NATO) for the Turkish economic crisis. Such a situa­tion may cause an irreparable rise in anti-West­ern sentiment among the Turkish people. Public opposition in Turkey may bring lim­itations to future collaboration – even those based on mutual interest – between Ankara and other NATO allies.

Museums a Powerful Weapon in Political Battle for Turkey’s Past and Future

With museums largely subsidised or free for Turkish citizens, the importance of connecting Turks with the country’s past is obviously valued. Yet as museums increasingly become a political and ideological battle-ground, history is proving to be a powerful weapon indeed.