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Islamist Movements in Jordan: Between Extremism and Moderation

Relations between the Islamic movements in Jordan, represented by the Muslim Brotherhood, on the one hand and the Jordanian political system on the other hand were relatively harmonious because of the challenges of the Cold War and the need for both sides to confront the expansion of communism, the Baathist movement, and the Nasserist movement, as well as the rise of the Palestinian resistance as an independent movement.

After Iran Deal, Increased Diplomatic Activity to Resolve Syrian Conflict

In recent weeks, Ali Mamlouk, al-Assad’s national security advisor, has made secret visits to both the Saudi city of Jeddah and to Muscat, Oman, where he met with high-level officials. This according to both Saudi-based sources and sources close to the al-Assad regime. Following Mamlouk’s visit, Syria’s longtime Foreign Minister Walid Muallem made an official visit in early August to Muscat to meet the Omani foreign minister where they discussed, according to Syrian state media, “efforts to put an end to the crisis … which preserves the sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity” of the country.