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Sayyid Muqtada al-Sadr: Iraq’s Shrewd Operator

Muqtada al-Sadr is clearly keen to prove himself as a force to be reckoned with in the Iraqi political arena. Nevertheless, he has not built a long-term strategic alliance with any political players either inside or outside Iraq.

Survivors Tell of Horror of Egypt’s Prisons

In today’s Egypt, anybody can go to prison. Young men risk arrest if a member of their family has a past affiliation with an outlawed movement. The number of incarcerations will continue to rise as long as criticism against the state is considered an act of terrorism.

Saad Eddin Ibrahim: Over Half a Century of Political Activism in Egypt

Speaking with Ibrahim, one feels that his mission is over. He has done his part – “clashing with every regime from Nasser to Sadat, Mubarak and al-Sisi” – and now hopes that his fight for democracy, rights and civil society in Egypt will continue after him.

Muted International Response to Air Strikes, Chemical Attacks in Syria

‘Russia’s de-escalation zones are now crumbling, as all major actors inside and outside Syria now seek to define the terms of the “post-IS” reality,’ he wrote. ‘Without major international effort, further regime chemical attacks, indiscriminate bombing and the targeted destruction of civil facilities are likely to continue unabated.’

Children born of sexual violence under Islamic State need support

The precise number of children born within IS as a result of this violence is difficult to establish. But in March 2016 it was estimated that there were 31,000 pregnant women living within the caliphate.

Two Bloodbaths and a Security Reshuffle: Is Egypt Losing Its War on Terror?

In a best-case scenario, the horrific mosque attack will create a backlash against IS, which the state could capitalize on by improving relations with civilians and ensuring local support. However, a speech given by Egyptian President Abdel_Fattah_alSisi on 29 November 2017 struck a less hopeful tone.

Stakes High for Saudi Crown Prince Following Anti-Corruption Crackdown

Whatever the case, such dramatic changes come at a price. The crown prince is consolidating power to a degree Saudi Arabia has not seen in generations. MBS has dismantled that system, alienating almost everyone and fundamentally altering the governance dynamics of the kingdom. By consolidating power, MBS seems to be offering a larger degree of social freedom, but there can surely be little room for dissent during this mega-transformation.

Could Idlib Takeover Spell the End of Former al-Qaeda Affiliate in Syria?

The losses under Russian bombardment have added to HTS’ recent woes, which include a string of assassinations and defections of key figures in Idlib. In addition, it is unlikely that the Syrian government and its allies will allow the densely populated and strategically located province to remain outside its control. The ouster of HTS and implementation of the de-escalation agreement might minimize the number of civilian casualties, but the end result in either case is almost certainly a return of regime control in Idlib.

Egypt’s Population Growth Greatest Threat After Terrorism, Says President

This growth is driven by a high fertility rate (the average number of births per woman), which is 3.53 (2016 estimate). In the European Union, in contrast, this is 1.58. However, if the current growth rate continues, the population will reach 128 million by 2030 and over 150 million in 2050.

Egypt Opens First Fatwa Kiosk in Metro Station

The idea behind the fatwa kiosk comes from al-Azhar’s effort to promote a ‘moderate Islam’. Through the kiosk, al-Azhar hopes to extend its reach and prevent people from falling for extremist ideas.