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Egypt’s Al-Azhar University Increasingly Under State Control

The Egyptian president has called on al-Azhar repeatedly to reform its religious discourse, especially the fatwas it issues, in order for religion to meet the needs of modern times. He has urged Egyptian clerics to counter the rhetoric of religious extremists in general and the Islamic State (IS) in particular.

War of Words: Syria’s Rappers Get Political

Musical expression in Syria is not new, however it is only since the war that it has become overtly political. Rappers tend to talk about politics, jail, torture, lack of hope and terrorism.

Islamic State is Wounded but not Dead

The survival of IS’ media outlets will determine the capacity of the group to rebound from its losses in Iraq and Syria, rally its supporters and inspire continued allegiance. IS’ Amaq news agency remains active online, helping to spawn the lone wolf attacks that have plagued IS’ enemies from Australia to Brazil. These ardent followers represent a potent new global threat, one as difficult to calculate as it is to counter.

Islamic State’s Loss of Territory Does Not Mean Its Demise

The loss of Islamic State’s jihadists to their territorial bases does not signal the end of the group, but their warped ideology has not been vanquished. The group will continue to propagate its hateful ideas online. Its fighters will probably continue to wage an insurgent campaign. And they may now be additionally motivated to take the fight to the “enemy”, meaning a possible future rise in attacks on European soil.’

Victory Over Islamic State a ‘Civilian Catastrophe’ Says New Report

The researchers concluded that IS ‘committed serious violations of international humanitarian law, including war crimes’ and that Iraqi government and US-led coalition forces ‘appear to have committed repeated violations of international law, some of which may amount to war crimes’.

In Egypt, No End in Sight for Islamic State Insurgency 

The insurgency in Sinai goes back to 2011, when jihadist group Ansar Beit al-Maqdis emerged. Despite intensive military efforts to eliminate militant hideouts, IS increasingly expands its operations outside North Sinai.

Make Laughs Not War: The Comedy Groups Fighting Islamic State with Humour

Many of the comedians producing anti-IS comedy say they have a political mission to combat the group’s message by pointing out the inconsistencies in its ideology and making adherents look ridiculous. Certainly some of the comedy pieces poking fun at IS have found commercial success in the Middle East, but it is unclear what impact they are having on the group’s recruitment efforts.

Trump Has “Strong Plan” for Islamic State in Syria But Details Unclear

It is clear that defeating IS is a priority for Trump, as it was for his predecessor Barack Obama. What is unclear are the details of any plan or policy to achieve this, and Trump’s responses on Syria have been unexpected, to say the least.

Egypt Church Attacks Prompt Unusually Open Media Criticism

The attacks seem to have opened up some room for debate in Egypt. However, the official rhetoric maintains a strict focus on security and ‘national unity’, casting doubt on the regime’s willingness to address the root causes of extremism.

Libya More Divided than Ever Amid Escalating Violence

Nadia Ramdan, a Libyan market researcher, added, “Our security and economy are simply deteriorating. We cannot continue with this civil war, which only brings chaos to the daily lives of ordinary Libyans. Unless there is a political agreement, the situation will continue to get worse. If a political solution is not found and we continue to have a civil war in Libya, there is no reason why the Islamic State won’t resurface.”