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The Long Road Ahead of Palestinian Elections

But of all the dangers confronting Palestinian elections, Israel is the one player that holds most of the cards to disrupt, influence, or otherwise render invalid the upcoming elections.

In Gaza, ‘We Want to Live’ Protest Movement is Cry for Help by the Poor

Gaza is already on the brink of collapse as a result of the decade-long blockade. Hamas’ crackdown on the We Want to Live movement has pushed Gazans closer to the edge. A widespread uprising, which seems increasingly likely, is expected to impact Israel too.

Gaza’s Great March of Return: A Strong Call to the World

It seems clear that the momentum that has been building will be difficult to stop. However, it remains to be seen what the final impact of the protests will be, and whether organizers will succeed in harnessing the anger into non-violent resistance or whether it will escalate once again into armed conflict.

Saudi Arabia Trying to Impose Anti-Iran Policies on Palestinians

The balancing act that Hamas and Fatah are now forced to play requires some external pressure, and it appears that the Egyptians are willing to apply this pressure, especially against Hamas. Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia is able to exert similar pressure on the PLO, mostly by means of its financial support to the Palestinian government.