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The Saudi Quest for Media Control

The only space that has not been bought or seized by MBS is social media. After the crown prince announced his Vision 2030, which he is undertaking to reduce the kingdom’s dependency on oil, there was much debate on social media about whether the vision is achievable.

Is Iranian Influence in Iraq Waning?

The most recent blow to Iranian influence was the victory of Muqtada al-Sadr’s political coalition in the Iraqi parliamentary elections in May 2018. He reached out to poor Shiites, marginalized Sunnis and even secular parties who wanted a change in Baghdad. Although he cannot form a government on his own or become prime minister, he will play an important role in shaping a new political climate that is likely to be more resilient to Iranian influence.

The Demise of the Arab League

If The Arab League is to undergo a transformation for the better, it can only happen under two conditions. The Arab League must act collectively to override the influence of its most dominant members while resisting foreign pressure.