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UAE and Israeli Settlers Find Common Ground in Jerusalem

The interests of the Emirates in Jerusalem intersect with the interests of the Israeli settlers there. These interests collide with those of the Palestinians and Jordanians.

Palestinians Reverting to Familiar Policy Patterns is Formula for Failure

For now, the Palestinian leadership’s inability to adjust and reformulate its approach to relations with the US only offers deep dismay and frustration for Palestinians.

Normalization and the Dividing Line between the Humanitarian and Political Factors

Neither relationships between humans, nor humanitarian ties lead to normalization. Rather, normalization is based on accepting the Israeli narrative and establishing ties with Israel.

The Holocaust and the Nakba: Intersecting Traumas

In this multilayered work, Elias Khoury continues his thought-provoking and inspiring literary contribution on the entanglement of the Jewish and the Palestinian catastrophes.

How Secular Israeli Millennials Feel About Palestinians

Jewish secular millennials have contradictory feelings towards Palestinians. This comes as a consequence of Israeli politicians’ insistence on the Jewishness of Israel and not having a partner in peace process.

In Israel, No Rejoicing over Agreements with UAE, Bahrain and Sudan

One would welcome the opening of relations between Israel and various Arab states if it did indeed spell a more peaceful future for the region. That, however, is not the case. Despite hostility and boycott, these states, UAE, Bahrain, the Sudan and perhaps Oman and others to follow, were not at war with Israel nor even close to the country territorially. There are other conflicts still raging in the Middle East, and the only conflict Israel was involved in, and which periodically threatened escalation in the area, is that of the conflict with the Palestinians.

Why Palestinians Are Not Accepting Their Tax Revenues?

For the Palestinian leadership, taking tax revenues from Israel while the latter vows to maintain this miserable status quo is acquiescence to permanent subjugation. It is simply not worth the limited and short-lived relief it would offer until the next crisis emerges.

A Recipe for Permanent, Perpetual Conflict

On the eve of Trump’s announcement of his deal, some argued that the Palestinian leadership should not dismiss the plan out of hand but rather wait for its release and make a positive response by accepting its positive components and engaging in negotiations to change its negative components.

Biden’s plan to revive Iran talks could calm the Middle East – but on Israel he and Trump largely agree

Fanack presents an overview of Joe biden’s plan to revive talks with Iran and its influence on the Middle East.