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Oslo Accords

For Jordan, the Oslo Process had removed the last obstacle to striking a peace deal with Israel. On 14 September 1993 – one day after the signing of the Declaration of Principles – the Israel-Jordan Common Agenda was announced. Finally, and in the presence of President Clinton, the Israel-Jordan Peace Treaty was signed in the Arava Valley/Wadi Araba (Israel) on 26 October 1994, close to the border with Jordan.


The war resulted in additional numbers of Palestinian refugees. An estimated 280,000 to 325,000 Palestinians fled from the West Bank and the Gaza Strip to the East Bank of the Jordan River. However, about 600,000 Palestinians remained in the West Bank and about 300,000 in the Gaza Strip. Including the 300,000 Israeli Arabs, the then three million Israeli Jews had administer 1.2 million Arabs in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian territories.

The War of 1948-1949

As a result, Israel now controlled 78 percent of the former mandated territory of Palestine (21,000 square kilometres), 22 percent more than the Partition Plan had foreseen. Of the remaining 5,200 square kilometres, Transjordan (from then on called Jordan) retained the West Bank of the Jordan River and the eastern part of Jerusalem, while Egypt took control of the small strip of land around the city of Gaza on the Mediterranean coast.